Youth Jazz classes

Youth Jazz classes focus on learning the art of small-group “jazz combo” style repertoire by learning easy-to-advanced jazz classics by legendary jazz composers such Herbie Hancock, Charles Mingus, Eddie Harris, Cannonball Adderly, Charlie Parker, and many more. Students use their ears and instincts as well as their knowledge of jazz harmonies to create harmonies and background “riffs” in classes and live performances, as well as developing the necessary skills to be an excellent jazz soloist.

Intermediate and Advanced students enrolling in the Youth Jazz program should have at least one and a half to two years of experience in a school Band or Orchestra program that teaches music reading and ensemble skills. Students entering the Program should also be able to play at least three (or more) of the most common major (or minor) scales, and have good-to-excellent sight reading skills.

Solomon MLK Speech!

Solomon is a member of the New Mexico Youth Jazz Collaborative  (YJC). The group with help from the African American Performing Arts Center (AAPAC), seeks to fill the world with cultural diversity, inclusion and learning. Solomon joined the group in 2020 during the pandemic and plays the trumpet and voice. Since joining, he has performed in countless shows and enjoys being on the stage. He is well-balanced and ambitious with interests spanning music, theatre, mathematics and science. He was inducted into the International Thespian Society in May 2023, and won third place in the National MESA competition two months later in June. With goals of expanding on his talents, Solomon will be continuing to work with the YJC and AAPAC in the near future.

Solomon MLK Speech
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