Our goal is to promote the visual and performing arts that support African American culture. We believe that these art forms provide a powerful means of celebrating the unique perspectives, experiences, and traditions of the African American community, and of creating opportunities for artists and performers to showcase their talents.

In addition to promoting the arts, we are committed to supporting scholastic and technological programs and projects that advance the research and preservation of the intellectual and cultural history of African Americans. This includes funding academic research, creating educational materials or curricula, and developing digital resources or technologies that help to preserve and share important aspects of African American history and culture.

Through our support of technological projects, we aim to ensure that the important contributions of African Americans to society are recognized and celebrated for generations to come. By leveraging digital resources and technologies, we can create online databases or archives that contain historical documents, photographs, and other artifacts related to African American history, and develop digital exhibits or interactive experiences that engage and educate audiences about this rich cultural heritage.

"I am receiving a wealth of information, support and life changing advice from the very supportive members of the African American Performing Arts Center."

Monique M.

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Quinton L.